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Love Dachshund Dog Lover Gifts

Our Love Dachshund collection, including bone china mugs, chopping boards and luxury linen cushions, is ideal for anyone looking for the pawfect gift for a sausage dog lover.

Adorned with lovable black and tan, red and chocolate dapple Dachshunds…our beautiful Love Dachshund bone china mugs are a unique gift for Dachshund lovers who love their coffee as much as their dog.

Love Dachshund Cushion Cover Dog Lover Gift by Pup and Hound

And for those house-proud sausage dog lovers, our Love Dachshund luxury linen cushion covers look great in any home, giving off country living vibes.

Check out all our Dachshund gifts here.

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FREE Special Touches for Dog Lover Gifts

free xmas dog lover gift wrap
FREE Xmas Gift Wrap

Looking for that perfect dog lover gift? Here at Pup & Hound we offer a number of special touches to ensure you have the pawfect dog lover gift. (Excuse the pun)

Make your dog lover gift extra special by including a free gift card, you can also opt to upgrade to our free xmas gift wrap when you purchase any of our dog lover mugs.

Check out all of our special touches here.

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10 Facts About Dogs You Didn’t Know

10 facts about dogs you didn't know infographic

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1. Dogs walk in circles before lying down as their ancestors use to shape tall grass into a bed, also scaring off unwelcome bedfellows in the process.

2. Dogs like to lick their humans just to say ‘I love you’ or to get a taste of their salty skin…mainly love though.

3. A dog’s sense of smell is over 10,000 times better than the average human. 

4. Dogs can be left pawed, observe your pooch to see which is their dominant paw.

5. A dog can tell another dog’s gender, diet, and mood, when they sniff another’s bum, due to the secretions released by glands in the rump.

6. Dogs can hear sounds up to four times further away than humans…hearing definitely is no excuse for poor recall.

7. The average dog can learn over a 1000 words.

8. Dogs can see in the dark.

9. Don’t fool for those puppy dog eyes, studies show dogs don’t feel guilty.

10. Dogs have fewer taste buds than humans with just 1,700 taste buds compared to a human’s 9000.

How many did you know? We definitely learnt a thing or two about our furry friends!

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Pup & Hound’s next top model Poppy

Pup & Hound Top Model Winner Poppy

Congratulations to Poppy, a 7 yr old Fox Red Labrador, who has won our Pup & Hound next top model competition.

Here at Pup & hound, to celebrate International Dog Day on the 26th August, we offered one lucky Pup & Hound model the opportunity to become our next top model and feature on our website.

We had a number of gorgeous entrants and it was an impossible task for us to choose the winner, however, we were lucky enough to have celebrated lifestyle blogger, Laura Summers, independently choose the winner.

Laura, who selected the winning image, loved the Labrador’s cute snap which sees Poppy indulge in a GIANT pasty, what’s not to love?!

Congratulations to Poppy and thank you to all our paw-some entrants, all of which are deserving of being a Pup & Hound model!

Despite the closure of the competition, if you would like your dog or puppy to feature on our social pages, simply share your images or videos (max 20 secs) with us by emailing them to

You can see all of our Pup & Hound models on Instagram with the #pupandhoundmodels.

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Top 5 Xmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

As we enter September, the countdown to Christmas begins and with it, so does the search for the perfect xmas gift. For those of you looking to find the perfect dog lover present we’re here to help.

1. For dog lovers who love their pets as much as their coffee, send some love with a doggy themed bone china mug 

love beagle dog lover gift mug
Beagle Bone China Mug Christmas Gift

No surprise here, of course number 1 on our list is our Pup & Hound doggy themed bone china mugsthese gorgeous mugs, adorned with the dog breed of your choice make the perfect Christmas gift for dog lovers and are great if you’re on a budget too. They also come beautifully gift wrapped and you can also include a personalised gift card with your order…what’s not to love?

2. For cooks who love their kitchen as much as their hounds, what better gift than a gorgeous glass chopping board customised with the dog of your choice?

love lab glass chopping board for dog lover
Labrador Chopping Board Christmas Gift

Another favourite at Pup & Hound HQ are our gorgeous doggy themed glass chopping boards, these unique chopping boards make the perfect xmas gift for any dog lover who loves cooking as much as they love their furry companion. The chopping board has a clear smooth appearance and is decorated with your choice of dog breed…we’re proud Labrador owners so this one is our faviourite.

3. Dress the part and feel festive this Christmas

As you can see our Pup & Hound mascot loves to dress the part at Christmas, treat yourself or your loved ones to a doggy themed Christmas jumper and if pets are happy to participate, why not treat them to a Christmas outfit too?

4. Make a house a home this Christmas with a gift to showcase your love of dogs

golf foil personalised dog name print for dog lover

Send some love with a gold foil print showcasing the recipient’s love of dogs, our personalised dog name definition prints are a favourite of ours. Simply email with your requirements or enter your customisation at checkout.

5. For house proud dog lovers, a cushion or soft furnishing is sure to get tails wagging! 

Our Pup & Hound Love Lab Rustic Cushion Covers make the perfect Christmas gift for any dog lover looking to give their home that authentic country feel. Perfect for Christmas time.

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Pup & Hound Sustainable Packaging

At Pup & Hound it’s important that wherever possible we use eco-friendly packaging to deliver our beautiful doggy themed gifts.

All our dog lover gifts are delivered in cardboard boxes and our branded packing tape is made from paper with a water based adhesive.

Both our packing tape and our boxes are eco-friendly and can be recycled.

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Is your dog Pup & Hound’s next top model?

Holly the Beagle – Pup & Hound Model

Is your dog Pup & Hound’s next top model? To celebrate International Dog Day on the 26th August, we’re offering one lucky Pup & Hound model the opportunity to feature on our website. Entrants will also get the chance to feature on our facebook and Instagram pages.

Here at Pup & Hound we love dogs as much as you do and love to feature our customer’s furry companions. After all, it’s our shared love of dogs which brings us all together. If you would like your dog or puppy to be in with a chance of winning Pup & Hound’s next top model competition, simply share your images or videos (max 20 secs) with us by emailing them to

You can see all of our Pup & Hound models on Instagram with the #pupandhoundmodels.

The winner of the competition will be announced 1st September 2020. Good luck!

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Pup & Hound Chopping Board Giveaway!

We’re giving away a ‘Love Lab’ Glass Chopping Board to one lucky dog lover! Our ‘Love Lab’ chopping board makes a unique gift for dog lovers and homemakers alike!

To enter our competition, like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram, then simply tag a like-minded dog lover on our giveaway post. Competition ends Friday 21st August 2020.

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Top 5 Dog Lover Gifts

For those of you looking to send the perfect gift to like-minded dog lovers, here’s our top 5 recommendations for the best dog owner gifts.

1. For dog lovers who love their pets as much as their coffee, send some love with our ‘Love Lab’ Bone China mugs

love lab dog lover mug gift

Our Pup & Hound Love Lab bone china mugs are adorned with loveable black, yellow and chocolate labradors…what’s not to love? These quality mugs make the perfect gift for dog lovers and come complete with gift box.

Mugs make a great gift and are a thoughtful reminder of the sender, view our full range of mugs here.

2. For house proud dog lovers, a cushion or soft furnishing is sure to get tails wagging!

Our Pup & Hound Love Lab Rustic Cushion Covers make the perfect gift for any dog lover looking to give their home that authentic country feel.

Check out our range our homeware perfect for dog lovers and send some love to your nearest and dearest.

3. For cooks who love their kitchen as much as their hounds, what better gift than a chopping board adorned with Labradors?

Our gorgeous Love Lab glass chopping board is the perfect gift for any dog lover who loves cooking as much as they love their furry companion. The chopping board has a clear smooth appearance, decorated with our gorgeous Labrador pattern and is made from toughened glass.

For more kitchenware gifts for dog lovers, check out our Pup & Hound Kitchenware range.

4. Send some love with a Pup & Hound face mask, helping your loved ones to keep themselves and others safe whilst shopping in style!

Shop in style with our ‘Love Lab’ Pup & Hound face mask. A thoughtful gift for dog lovers and loved ones.

This unique gift, which a few months ago may not have been top of the list, has become a must have item and a cute accessory to help dog lovers look their best whilst out shopping.

5. Make a house a home with a cute print showcasing your love of dogs

Send some love with a gold foil print showcasing your love of dogs, our ‘A house is not a home without a dog’ rose gold foil print is a personal favourite. Prints can also be customised with dog names or with your own slogans, simply email with your requirements.

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5 Must Dos for New Puppy Parents

You would be forgiven for looking at the picture above of our 18 month old Lab Piper and thinking ‘what an angel’ as she lays there peacefully in our Pup & Hound office enjoying her afternoon Siesta with her favourite cow toy…and she is a much loved angel in our eyes, but getting a puppy can be difficult, a journey of discovery one might say, and having recently ventured on that discovery, I thought I’d share my 5 must dos for any new puppy parents out there!

1. Puppy socialising is a must!

Top of the list for us as new puppy parents was a dog that would play nicely with others, thankfully we’ve been really lucky in that respect. Piper is an absolute dream when it comes to playing with other dogs, from taking on boisterous types, to giving more nervous dogs the space they need. To give us the best start, we chose to leave Piper with her doggy parents and breeder for 10 weeks, it’s quite normal to pick up your little one from 8 weeks, however as keen puppy parents we did our research and felt the benefits of a slightly extended stay were worth it. We had a superb breeder local to us, so were able to visit regularly and even took Piper for her jabs, but seeing Piper playfully fight of her brothers and sisters, and be put in her place by her dad ‘Boss’ (An impressive black show lab worthy of his name) reassured us she had learnt the doggy rules early on. When she was old enough to mix with others after her jabs, we also took her to Saturday puppy socialising sessions, these are great for you and your puppy, we went to Pets Corner every week and even better the sessions are FREE! What’s not to love? Let your dog play with his/her new friends whilst you get to coo over all the other puppies and meet new puppy parents at the same time! A dog lovers heaven. I’d also recommend attending paid for classes to take your training up a notch, however what I would say is it can be difficult to replicate the real distractions your puppy may encounter out on a walk in a puppy class, so you do need to not limit your training to the puppy class (18 months on we still have work to do).

2. Set boundaries – use a clicker

Now this is tough, you bring your beautiful puppy home for the first time, you’ve spent all day getting to know each other, you’re bonding great, then you go to bed and you have the best intentions of keeping your little one downstairs…until…the whinining starts! Nothing quite tugs at the heart strings more than the sound of a puppy crying. I’ll admit, despite my best efforts to ignore the crying, it got to me, I cracked, I was desperate to let Piper stay with me “Just for tonight” I cried, but I held out on the wishes of my better half…and I’m glad I did. Your first reaction if you hear your puppy cry is to try and soothe them, but take my advice and try to not give in to the whining, if you do, you are teaching your puppy to cry/whine/bark for what they want…before you know it your dog is demanding whatever they want, whenever they want. Instead, reward them when they’re quiet. But how do they know what their reward is for I hear you say? That’s where a clicker can come in handy, click every time they are quiet and reward with a treat. This is really handy with puppy training in the early days, especially for keeping them quiet in the car. I also struggled to get Piper to leave my side, even when I was desperately after 20 minutes of ‘me time’ in the bath and thankfully using the clicker technique helped me to establish some distance. This is also important for their confidence, a confident dog is a far less problematic dog and if they can learn to be happy on their own, you’re likely to reduce your likelihood of problems. That being said, if you do struggle, you can do it in stages, we let our Lab sleep upstairs for the first few nights, then slowly moved her bed downstairs. I can’t say I stick to the rules 100% of the time, but I know what to do to build the relationship I want with my dog.

3. Heel is your best friend!

Teaching your dog to heel will do you wonders! It helps teach your dog not to pull on the lead and is especially important for larger dog breeds, you want to walk your dog, not the other way around…it’s only funny the first time someone shouts “Taking you for a walk is he?” …after that you will want to make sure you have ‘Heel’ cracked. Even if your dog is great off lead, there will be times that you will want them to be on a lead and therefore it’s equally important that they are as good on the lead as off. My top tips?! Have plenty of treats! Your puppy will learn quickly that if they walk nicely they get rewarded. Reward the good behaviour not the bad! If your dog pulls constantly and then you let him off, he/she will learn that it’s a good thing to pull. This next tip will make your walks sometimes feel like you’re getting nowhere, however it’s vitally important. If your dog pulls, turn around and walk in the other direction. Keep doing it and your puppy will soon learn they get where they want to go faster by walking nicely, not pulling. A well trained dog doesn’t happen overnight, Piper is 18 months and still has a tendency to get excited and pull, however long gone are the blisters of the early days! (No joke I use to wear gloves) Another good tip is to find the right lead for your dog, many people like to use harnesses, however we found that our Lab was stronger with a harness and actually a good old clip lead on the collar works much better for us. There’s so many leads out there so experiment with what works, I think we must have got through 3 harnesses and equally as many leads as she’s grown.

4. Have plenty of toys!

One of the joys of puppy ownership is seeing your much loved pup play with their toys. Toys are great for dogs, they keep their minds active and help keep puppies occupied whilst us humans are doing boring human things such as working or eating dinner. They’re also great if your puppy is quite mouthy, grab your puppy’s favourite toy and use it as a way of helping your puppy communicate with you, rather than chewing your sleeve or dressing gown (Piper’s favourite go to item of mine). You can also get toys which you fill with treats, what dog wouldn’t love that? These are particularly good if you’re popping out for a few hours. My personal favourite treat toys are kong toys, which you can stuff with doggy peanut butter or biscuits, or treat ball dispenser toys, these are great if you’re in a rush, just fill the ball with small biscuits and your puppy can roll the ball for hours dispensing their own treats, caveat being if you’re a Lab owner like myself it may be minutes not hours as labradors are food obsessed!

5. Puppy ownership is an exclusive club – reap the benefits and be proud

Having a puppy means you’ve joined a club of like-minded people who love dogs as much as you do. Getting a puppy introduces you to new people and new adventures…so embrace it! Some of my best friends are people I met when Piper was a puppy, going to puppy classes, going for joint dog walks, watching your puppy play in the park with other dogs are all great experiences. Be proud of your dog, at Pup & Hound we’re unashamedly proud dog lovers, so much so that our range of gifts are designed specifically for like minded dog lovers who are proud to showcase their love of dogs in and out of home.